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Branch Manager( Meikhtila )

Posted on 11/09/19 5:27 by Hayman Capital Microfinance
location MYANMAR
time Full Time
Job Start Date: 11.9.2019
applications 0 Applications

Job Title - Branch Manager (M/F)
Job Location - Meikhtila Branch
Duties & Responsibilities:
Human Resources Management and Development
  • Manage and control branch staffs’ proper qualification, capacity and experience.
  • Responsible for motivating and maintaining qualified staffs for effective and transparent operations in branch and evaluate staff performance against the set of working standard.
  • Responsible for monitoring and guiding the process of branch training of Credit Team Leader to the subordinates on time and effectively.
  • Responsible for providing knowledge for branch staff at all levels to qualify for job performance and staff training.
Credit Affair
  • Control and implement the branch’s credit plan by setting suitable strategy to increase productivity and to achieve the credit plan both quality and quantity.
  • Control and lead the steps of credit affairs to find out the negative actions which can cause credit risks as well as take defensive, corrective and measures.
  • Manage the customer services, complaint and develop close relationship with customers by promotion and following up the sales and analyze marketing environment.
  • Setting up and controlling the sales plan, promotion plan and branch operations budget plan as well as control over promotion, conducting survey, and regularly keeping in touch with competitor’s positions and forecast potential market area for selecting as Hayman Capital office.
  • Lead and control the process of following up branch operations to ensure smooth customer services.
Financial Management
  • Ensuring that the whole branch has sufficient operation cash without much cash surplus which leads to difficult management and loss of interest.
  • Controlling the operations of cash in and out flow, all cash transactions and counterfeit note are not allow to operate.
  • Control and manage physical cash, asset and liability management as well as control actual cash management against the list properly.
  • Control the registration of accounting entries and data entries into the Microfinance System with the business transactions in the branch by depending on legal and proper receipts to the Hayman Capital’s financial accounting system.
  • Check and monitor the verification and counting of physical cash against the end of day balance list with cashiers.
  • Preparing of branch financial statement properly and on time.
Administration Management
  • Develop and maintain a harmonious working relationship among staff.
  • Ensure security of all branch staff, buildings, assets and cash.
  • Liaise and maintain relationships with all relevant community and opinion leaders, government officials, and local authorities at branch level.
  • Provide back-up support to the branches and head office as needed.
  • Purchasing need at branch level and accurate and updated assets list.
  • Stock Controlling.
  • Timely and adequate printing documents (passbooks, loan documents, staff ID card,) in place.
  • Effectively host visitors (booking accommodation, arrange logistic, transportation, food, etc.).
  • Insurance for Vehicles and motorbikes
  • Coordinate between staff and HO Admin Officer (in charge of insurance) regarding to staff accident or hospitalization.
  • Staff leave controlling.
Other Tasks
  • Perform other duties as assigned or required by direct manager.
  • Responsible for solving problems in duty and immediately report to direct manager about the problems for solutions.
  • To comply with the rules and regulations.
  • Good customer service with highly respect
Job Requirements
Qualification & Experience:
  • University degree preferably in Commerce and Management (B.Com), Business Administration (BA) or Banking. MBA is an added advantage;
  • At least 3 years of credit supervisor or accountant work experience in a recognized Microfinance;
  • Knowledge of Myanmar’s microfinance sector.
  • Knowledge of microfinance, principles and practices of banking;
  • Ability to manage and motivate staff;
  • Proven strong leadership skills.
  • Computer Literacy.
  • Prefer in good at English proficiency and communication skills.
  • Willingly relocate to other regions.

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