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Operations Manager (Yangon)

Posted on 11/09/19 3:50 by Myat Kyun Thar Microfinance Co,.Ltd
location Yangon, MYANMAR
time Full Time
Job Start Date: 11.9.2019
applications 3 Applications

Job Title - Operation Manager(M/F)

Job Location- Yangon 

Male or Female

  • Any Bachelor’s Degree more prefer to MBA , Age (under 40) years old
  • At least 5 years experiences in microfinance field with management role
  • Good written and spoken English
  • Well used in Microsoft (Excel, Word, Power Point)
  • Analytical and interpersonal skill , be patience , honest and trustworthy
  • Strong decision making and problem solving skills , mathematics, coaching and planning skills
  • Mature and strong team building skills
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills – written and oral
  • Must be excellent MFI operation management
  • Able to work under pressure and deadline
  • Must be able to travel anywhere in Myanamar


Job Description

  • Provide advice on all operation issue to the Deputy General Manager
  • Police and appraise the operational system in place and monitor the implementation of the Company,s operation manuals marking appropriate recommendation regarding the need for change
  • Responsible for  delievering  budget results of Branches
  • Co-ordinate the activities of all branches and handle all operation issue.
  • Prepare monthly and other periodic operation reports
  • Visit branches regularly to ensure operation are running smoothly
  • Liaise with the Financial Controller to ensure timely preparations of annual budget, quarterly budget review, forecasts and business plans
  • Develop business relationship with potential cutomers as well as exising cutomets with the view to strengthenging the Company’s  customer relationship base
  • Analyst the business environment and make recommendations  on the development of new products and enhance existing products to grow the Company ‘s customer base and out reach
  • Develop strategies to minimize customer complaints and suggest ways of manageing the  public image of the Company
  • Responsible for effictiveness and efficiency of the branches team development team morale and implementation of microfinance code of conduct at the  various  level in operations
  • provide on the job traning to all department staff, including new recruits and existing staff
  • Any other duties and responsibilities which may be assigned from time to meet the objectives of the Company

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